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Letter: Will North Shore residents have to front the costs of the spiralling sewage plant project?

Concerns among residents mount as the problem-plagued sewage plant gets put under public review
A digester at the future North Shore sewage plant appears much the same as it did two years ago. | Nick Laba / North Shore News

Re: City of North Van mayor blasts Metro Vancouver over sewage plant fiasco

Dear Editor,

I am a little concerned that the spiralling costs of the sewage plant has to be met by the residents of the N. Shore.

Surely the amount of construction that has been allowed on the Shore has had an increased demand on the sewage works? Why, oh why, are the developers not being asked to contribute to finance to the project?

Whomever handed out building permits must have taken into account the effect so many tower blocks would have on the infrastructure, and made sure that adequate payment from the developers was taken before granting building permission? Obviously not!

How many millions have these developers taken from the N. Shore, and we are left to repair the damage caused by the density? Surely some of our politicians need to resign, as the lack of foresight by them is extremely worrying.

Why can’t we put a toll on the bridges that connect the N. Shore to the mainland where residents are exempt? This worked extremely well in the case of the Port Mann bridge.

The funds gathered from these tolls would go some way to make up the shortfall for the sewage works, especially now that the lower mainland are refusing to help with making up the deficit.

P. Cunnington,
North Vancouver

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