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B.C. man gets probation for unprovoked attacks on cable technician, guard

"He is very remorseful," the defence lawyer told the judge.
A Vancouver provincial court hearing room.

A Vancouver provincial court judge sentenced a Vancouver man to a suspended sentence with two years' probation for unprovoked attacks on two men.

Crown prosecutor Louise Gauld told Judge Eugene Jamieson that Steve Alexander Bautista attacked a Shaw cable technician in the 1000-block East 58th Avenue. He punched the man and called him “a stupid Asian,” the court heard.

“It was an unprovoked attack.”

Asked how he pleaded, Bautista, who was born in the Philippines, said, “I’m guilty.”

Police were called to the scene and arrested Bautista when he returned. He was taken into custody.

“We’re not calling this a hate crime in any way,” Gauld said. “Mr. Bautista and the victim are both of the same background.”

The judge asked if there was “some racist overtone to the attack.”

“I would say no,” Gauld answered.

While he was being processed by police, Gauld said Bautista slapped a guard in the side of the head. The court heard Bautista has had some mental health problems.

Defence lawyer Jayde Niefer said Bautista was off his medication at the time of the incidents. He thought his mind was being controlled at the time, she said.

“He is very remorseful,” she told Jamieson.