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B.C. life coach to appear on Rachael Ray Show on Monday

Parenting a teen? Looking to build a stronger relationship with them? This segment is for you.
Aly Pain is from Vernon, B.C. The certified life and relationship coach will be on the popular cooking show come May 16.

A Vernon-based life coach with an international following will appear on the Rachael Ray Show on Monday.

Aly Pain is a certified life and relationship coach who specializes in helping parents build stronger relationships with their teen children.

The segment will air on the popular food and talk show, which is broadcast by CBS and Global.

Pain says she isn't allowed to talk about the specifics of her interview until after the show airs, but that she excited to see it.

Pain has a following of more than half a million people since pivoting her business to online during the pandemic.

This has led to her TikTok talks and other videos gathering an audience from around the world.

"I started over," she says. "It's purely online now, and I have a following predominantly in the U.S., but also Europe and Australia, as well as Canada."

Pain says she grew up as a "messed up, troubled teen" herself and grew out of it to raise two of her own sons, who are now young adults.

She used her experience to help others and has worked with parents of teens for 15 years now.

She focuses on "fundamental relationship skills and parental awareness that our parents never had.

"The generation gap has never been bigger," she says. "Technology has made the gap wider than ever."