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BC Hydro tries to reassure public Metro Vancouver heat wave won't mean 'outages'

Some U.S. states are struggling with their power grids
2018-06-12 air conditioner
Parts of B.C. are going through a heat wave this week, with temperatures in the mid to high 30s. Photo: iStock

BC Hydro is warning about the impact of Metro Vancouver’s heat wave on the power grid.

BC Hydro is connected to the western grid and a news release questions “how it will hold up” as local temperatures surged along with at least 11 states in the western United States.

BC Hydro says some western states, such as Texas, experienced outages.

Local temperatures are expected to be in the high 30s later this week, meaning more people using fans and air conditioners.

“With temperatures predicted far above normal this weekend, BC Hydro wants to assure British Columbians despite the pressure across the Western grid, it will be able to continue to deliver power to its customers,” said the release.

“BC Hydro has more than enough power to meet the increased demand on its system. And, unlike some of its neighbours to the south who are experiencing extremely low reservoir levels in some areas, BC Hydro is forecasting normal reservoir levels on average across the province this summer. BC Hydro is well positioned with its flexible hydroelectric infrastructure and a surplus of clean generation,” the statement continues. “The vast majority of the power BC Hydro produces comes from clean hydroelectric resources, which essentially act as a battery allowing BC Hydro to ramp generation up and down at a moment’s notice. This helps ensure that the power is there when British Columbians need it the most.”