Pneuma - “Who Has Seen the Wind?” (Track of the Day)

Who Has Seen the Wind?, the title track from Pneuma’s debut album, released on Songlines Recordings, features words from Christina Rossetti’s poem with music by Michael Winograd. The video was recorded at Afterlife Studios in Vancouver (videographer: Farhad Ghaderi; video editing: Ayelet Rose Gottlieb; produced by Ayelet Rose Gottlieb and Tony Reif.


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Vocalist Ayelet Rose Gottlieb performs with the three-clarinet chamber jazz/art song ensemble Pneuma (featuring James Falzone, Francois Houle and Michael Winograd) at Presentation House on Wednesday, Nov. 6 at 7:30 p.m. as part of a West Coast tour celebrating the release of their debut album Who Has Seen the Wind? on Songlines Recordings (

The bandcamp page for the band says: “In Who Has Seen the Wind?, Pneuma use poetry from a variety of places and times, from Christina Rossetti to James Joyce and from Iranian poet Forugh Farrokhzad to 9th century Japanese poet Izumi Shikibu. The music is deeply rooted in improvisation, with a contemporary-classical / chamber music feeling. The compositions are fully developed, and the cycle is working conceptually with a poetic theme: the wind. (Pneuma is the ancient Greek word for air in motion, breath, spirit, soul.)

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