Quartet in talks to do more with Aga Khan foundation

North Shore News: When did you meet Alim Qasimov?

David Harrington: I think it was about 1995 or '96 in London. His singing just blew me away. I've known of his work for a long time and it wasn't until several years ago that we were actually able to finally work together.

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North Shore News: When you work with Qasimov is his daughter and ensemble part of the package?

David Harrington: Initially when we were working out the pieces he had two musicians with him. Fargana was not there. We did a performance in San Francisco and he sang all the parts - pretty amazing - but then when we did the world premiere in London his full ensemble and Fargana were there and in all of the concerts it's been them together. I think she's totally amazing as well. She's just a great artist.

North Shore News: Do you have any further projects planned with the Aga Khan foundation?

David Harrington: We've been talking about something but it's a little too early to announce it. If it happens the way I think it will happen it's going to be really cool and very exciting. Don't forget to mention that in Vancouver we're playing one of Canada's most wonderful composers Nicole Lizée. Her piece "Death to Komische" - in fact we're playing it tonight here in Melbourne. It's a fantastic piece it's really fun and uses vintage technology better than any piece I've ever heard. We're anxious for Nicole to continue writing for us.

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