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A volunteer community based search and rescue team providing a life-saving service to the public 24/7, 365 days a year. North Shore Rescue offers a variety of search and rescue services – the main ones being; mountain search and rescue; helicopter rescue; urban search and rescue; public education; and civil emergency response. There is no charge for the services of the team.

Community initiative shows appreciation for North Shore Rescue 

North Shore Rescue (NSR) works tirelessly to keep our community safe. In 2021 alone, between rescues and training, the 45 active volunteers and 20 resource members contributed an estimated 13,800 hours, about 4,000 more than their previous record. This figure doesn’t cover administrative tasks like fundraising, maintenance or public education representing roughly another 4,000 hours. 

While the organization’s common motivator is passion for the outdoors and the compulsion to help, these life-saving endeavours aren’t free. 51% of the NSR team’s annual costs for training and equipment are paid with cheques from the mail, with another 15% from provincial grants. The gratefully rescued are understandably the most reliable donors. However, community organizations and events contribute, too.

While concerns arise regarding resources, rescue call volumes climb higher every year, meaning the costs for crucial equipment and certifications won’t change. NSR relies heavily on donations from individuals, service clubs and corporations to supplement these budgets.

Keeping the community safe is top priority. Donations to North Shore Rescue are the driving force behind the organization, providing what they need to perform their duties effectively.

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