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West Van party hosts fined $2,300 each

Police say dozens of teens told to disperse
west vancouver police detachment
More homeowners have been fined for hosting house parties currently banned during the COVID-19 pandemic. | Cindy Goodman, North Shore News files

Two more West Vancouver homeowners have been fined for hosting house parties currently banned under COVID-19 public health restrictions.

Just before midnight on Saturday, West Vancouver police received an anonymous tip about a party on the 3700 block of Southridge Avenue.

Const. Kevin Goodmurphy said officers saw dozens of teens inside and outside the home.

Eventually, officers found the adult homeowner who told them the kids were having a celebration.

“That person was subsequently issued a $2,300 ticket,” Goodmurphy said. “Quite reckless to say the least … everyone was asked to disperse, which they did.”

Two hours later a resident on the 1700 block of Fulton Avenue called in to report a prohibited indoor gathering at a nearby house. When officers arrived, there were five people in their early 20s inside. They told officers that several other guests had just left.

“Nobody’s wearing masks. No distancing,” Goodmurphy said. “We all know it’s against the rules … to have people inside your home who are not members of your household.”

The owner of the home also received a $2,300 ticket.

Apart from indoor soirees, Goodmurphy said beaches and parks have been especially busy with people looking for safer options to cut loose as the weather warms up.

But, during his foot patrol on Friday night, there were some instances of people gathering in groups of more than 10, which is also against COVID rules.

“Being outdoors, it is a bit more responsible, but we still need to ensure that we’re doing what we can when we’re outside to keep ourselves safe,” he said.

No tickets were issued, but Goodmurphy said there was an unusually high number of people consuming liquor at the beach, which resulted in pour-outs.

District of West Vancouver council is considering a proposal to allow responsible consumption of alcohol within Millennium Park starting next month.

Most people who sneak a beer to the beach don’t become a nuisance, Goodmurphy said, but visitors can expect to see a police presence at the beach over the Victoria Day long weekend.

“Until those laws change, we just don’t want people bringing liquor to the beaches and parks,” he said. “Unfortunately, it’s a small group of people who overconsume and get intoxicated and cause problems that really ruin it for everyone else.”