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Ryan Reynolds announces new National Geographic series with pooping hippo video

Blake Lively is heard interrupting his voice-over at the end of the teaser.
Ryan Reynolds will narrate the new natural history series "Underdogs" for National Geographic, which is expected in 2025. (File photo)

Vancouver's Ryan Reynolds has another project in the works, but it won't be on-screen appearance. 

The actor shared the official teaser for his new natural history series Underdogs for National Geographic, which bared a hippopotamus' defecating rear end.

The 10-part series "finally gives nature’s overlooked heroes their spotlight and reveals the good, the bad and the frankly ugly," writes National Geographic. 

"Underdogs will celebrate and champion the unique and unpredictable behaviors of a little-known and surprising cast of animal characters," reports Deadline. "They’re the outcasts and the troublemakers, brash, unsophisticated, flatulent, incontinent and often unhinged. But they’re also warriors, team players and evil geniuses ... keeping the natural world in working order for all those showboating polar bears, sharks and gorillas."

Ryan Reynolds will be narrating the series which is expected in 2025. 

"Whatever you do, try not to think about a fish swimming up a hippo's butt," he narrates in the teaser. "You're doing it aren't you."

At the end of the video, Blake Lively is heard interrupting the actor's voice-over.