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Downtown Vancouver Burger King a no-go zone for sentenced man

The accused emailed the Crown prosecutor, stating he wanted a plane to hit his office.
vancouver provincial court criminal
Vancouver Provincial Court

A man found guilty of causing a disturbance and resisting police has been barred from a downtown Vancouver Burger King restaurant.

Christopher Anton Seres, 40, was convicted of causing a disturbance in a public place by swearing, insulting and using obscene language Jan. 12, 2022 at the 821 Granville St. restaurant.

He was also convicted of resisting two city police officers on the same day.

Seres was not happy with Judge Ellen Gordon giving him a suspended sentence and a year of probation.

“You’ve convicted me of causing a disturbance when I was saving the planet,” Seres said.

As Gordon ended the proceedings, Seres yelled, “You’ll see me again. You’ve created a criminal.”

The disturbance continued at the back of the courtroom until a deputy sheriff barked, “Get out.”

Crown prosecutor Alan Ip said Seres had been spamming his office persistently, including a March 14 email in which Seres said he hoped the office was hit by a plane.

It was Ip who suggested the Burger King restriction.

“I think he wants to go to Burger King,” defence lawyer Jonathan Waddington said.

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