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66% of Canadians plan on taking an 'extended vacation' once fully vaccinated

Within a year of getting fully vaccinated, these Canucks say they are heading for a vacation
A new study finds that the majority of Canadians plan to go on an "extended vacation" within a year of getting vaccinated for COVID-19.

A new study finds that the majority of Canadians plan to go on an "extended vacation" within a year of getting vaccinated for COVID-19.

IBM has released a new global study from its Institute of Business Value (IBV) that focuses on consumer behaviour in the retail, travel and transportation industries as vaccination levels continue to increase globally. 

The study polled more than 15,000 adults in Canada, the U.S., India, U.K., Germany, Mexico, Spain, Brazil and China in February 2021 to better understand consumers’ perspectives on the COVID-19 vaccine. This included what consumers plan to do once they are vaccinated and how it will affect their perspectives on several issues, including retail spending, transportation, attendance at large venue events, and returning to work. 

The study finds that a firm majority of Canadian respondents, or 66 per cent, plan to go on an extended vacation in the next 12 months once fully vaccinated. 

Around the world, plane travel will see a 30 per cent boost in demand, according to respondents. However, this figure is offset by the 23 percent of respondents surveyed that plan to fly less.

Canadians will also frequent venues more after they become vaccinated including medical offices/facilities (58%), outdoor trails (51%), salons (36%), restaurant and bars (24%), and gyms (23%). 

Canadian respondents were less likely to see a movie or catch a basketball game, however. Only nine per cent of respondents say they'd frequent movie theatres while a mere four per cent say they will attend live sporting and live theatre events

Shopping malls and remote work arrangements 

According to the study, the tides may be turning for Canada's ailing retail industry, as consumers indicate a strong desire, once they are vaccinated, to return to malls and shopping centers. Of Canadians surveyed, a whopping 92 per cent say they will purchase groceries in-store once they are vaccinated. 

Similarly, a sizeable 72 per cent of the Canadians surveyed will visit shopping malls after rolling up their sleeves. 

While many Canadians might find working at home challenging, not all of them want to return to the office. That said, many do, while others would choose a hybrid model as the preferred working arrangement. 

Of the Canadians surveyed who are currently working from home, 47 per cent prefer to be back at the office once fully vaccinated. In contrast, 21 per cent of respondents would like to continue working remotely, while 31 per cent of them prefer a hybrid model (split between office and home). 

Sixty-eight per cent of Canadians will continue to limit their social interactions even post-vaccine, avoiding large crowds and contact with multiple people outside their households.