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VIDEO: Aggressive wolves attack dog near Tla'amin community

"The Tla'amin Nation trail system between Wilde Road and the Tla'amin store is now closed until further notice."

Tla'amin Nation has confirmed that a pack of wolves attacked a dog in the morning of Thursday, February 22, near the new cemetery on Highway 101, and is warning the public to exercise caution.

Tla'amin is aware of the situation near its main community of Tishosum and is monitoring the situation closely. The proper authorities have been notified, according to a notice released by Tla'amin at 12:51 pm.

"The Tla'amin Nation trail system between Wilde Road and the Tla'amin store is now closed until further notice. If your dog is outside on a run, please bring it inside for now."

Further information will be shared as it becomes available, according to the notice. For sightings, call Animal Control at 604.208.9526.

Dave Scherger captured the attack on video and shared it with the Peak.

Conservation officer Dean Miller said there appears to be at least eight wolves in the pack north of town in the Tla’amin area.

“They are losing their fear of people,” said Miller. “It doesn’t necessarily mean they are interested in harming people but they have definitely been focused on people’s pets – mostly dogs. It’s a concern for sure.

“If you live or if you are recreating in that area, it would be a great idea to keep your pets inside, keep them on a leash, and you definitely want to be walking in groups, practising safety around wildlife and in wildlife corridors.”

Miller said people can keep reporting regarding the wolves to the RAPP (Report All Poachers and Polluters) toll-free tip line at 1.877.952.7277. He said that way, the pack can be tracked, and appropriate action can be taken if the wolves affect human safety.

Miller said the wolves have been sighted frequently in the last couple of days.

He added that the wolves are not like the large timber wolves found inland.

“They are kind of like a medium-sized looking dog and they come in a variety of colours,” said Miller. “Some are black, some are a mottled brown, and some are a tan-white colour.”

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