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The results are in: Linda Buchanan wins the vote for City of North Vancouver mayor

Linda Buchanan has claimed the top spot for mayor, with 5,275 votes.

Linda Buchanan has been re-elected as mayor for the City of North Vancouver. 

On Oct. 15 the results were drawn for the 2022 Civic Election, with the ballot boxes taken from the polling stations and votes counted shortly after 8 p.m. 

Buchanan won the election with a total of 5,275 votes, while her sole challenger, Heywood, followed behind with 3,925.  

Attending the poll draw at the North Vancouver City Hall on Saturday evening was an expectant, 40-or-so strong crowd. Those lining the seats in the council chambers were Buchanan and Heywood, a number of incumbent council members - including Don Bell and Angela Girard  - council members in the running - including Anna Boltenko and Me-An Laceste - and anxious family and friends. 

As votes trickled in prior to the reveal of the final unofficial results, the crowd had begun to get a feel of how the evening would pan out.

At around 8.35 p.m., the advanced poll votes and the mail votes had been counted - with Buchanan taking the lead with 1,221 and 132 respectively, and Heywood following behind with 987 and 100. A few minutes before 9 p.m., the unofficial results were announced.

"I feel really good," Buchanan said following her win, while surrounded by beaming friends and family in the hall - those she would be celebrating with that evening, she said, before "resting up" on the Sunday. 

Buchanan said she wanted to give thanks to the previous council, and everyone who had put their name forward during the election process. 

"To put your name forward is a lot of work. There is a lot of blood, sweat, and sometimes tears," she laughed.

When questioned on whether she had expected the win, Buchanan said "you can't rest on your laurels."

"I don’t take anything for granted, I’ve been working for this election for over a year. You can’t always expect to win people over, there is always room to grow and be better," she said. 

Throughout her re-election campaign, Buchanan, who has served as the mayor of City of North Vancouver for four years, said she would focus her efforts on delivering housing options, creating new child-care spaces, delivering transportation solutions and attracting investments if she were to claim the top spot once more. 

Her competitor Guy Heywood, who had campaigned for amalgamation of the City and District of North Vancouver into one municipality, had entered the mayoral race at the very last minute.

Following the results on Saturday evening, he said he was very disappointed - but "that's just the way it goes."

"I'm glad that I did it, I just wish the voter turnout would have been as good as last time. It is a great day for democracy, just not so great for me."

On whether he would consider running again in the future, Heywood said he has had his run, and "it's time for new faces" now. 

"I think we're going to realize local government is more important than people give it credit, but it is understandably difficult for people to really get a grip on it because of the lack of parties. And, and especially in North Vancouver, where people don't really understand their local governments start to finish."

As for council, incumbent candidates Don Bell, Angela Girard, Tony Valente, Holly Back and Jessica McIlroy returned to their seats, while newly elected member Shervin Shahriari placing in the remaining spot. 

Buchanan said she was "super excited" to have the council back, and with a new member. 

"The team that we have, and the council that has been elected, will work really well together," she said. 

Alongside the new mayor and council members were the newly elected school trustees, comprising Lailani Tumaneng, Daniel Anderson and Antje Wilson. 

The official results of the City of North Vancouver 2022 election will be announced early next week. 

Unofficial result: 

Elected to the Office of Mayor

Linda Buchanan - 5,275

Guy Heywood - 3,925

Elected to the Office of Councillor 

Tony Valente - 5,272 

Don Bell - 5,221

Angela Girard - 5,140

Shervin Shahriari - 4,596

Jessic McIlroy - 3,913

Holly Back - 3,892

Elected to the Office of School Trustee 

Daniel Anderson - 5,593

Lailani Tumaneng - 4,531

Antje Wilson - 4,414