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Opinion: 'I did my own research' skeleton wins Halloween

This is brilliant
Skeleton with a sign saying "I did my own research" in Vancouver

A truly frightening (yet hilarious) Halloween decoration has popped up in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood in Vancouver.

Hanging from a thin rope on the front porch of a home is a plastic skeleton with a sign saying 'I DID MY OWN RESEARCH', and it's brilliant.

It's a reference to people who use social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube to do "research" on COVID-19, finding their way down rabbit holes that lead to exactly where their lizard brains want to go. That's a place where facts don't matter and phony "experts" come out of the woodwork to spread misinformation and solidify the very-wrong beliefs that COVID-19 is a hoax, people shouldn't get vaccinated, and the government created this whole thing to oppress us.

Oh, and all of that research results in situations where easily-fooled people are risking their lives by ingesting horse paste (Ivermectin) instead of taking vaccines that have gone through rigorous clinical trials and have proven to be the most effective way to get us out of this actual hell that is the COVID-19 pandemic.

The decoration is a real-life version of an internet meme that shows a headstone with the same words engraved on it, and I will speak for the majority and say that it is greatly appreciated by us.

Thank you, unknown Mount Pleasant homeowner/Halloween decorator. You're bringing a smile to most of the people who pass by your place.