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'It works!': Vancouverites share their first experiences using the BC Vaccine Card

"Just showed my vax card for the first time and my local pub. They have turned away 10 people today so far," said a local.
The majority of British Columbians are sharing glowing reviews after using the BC Vaccine Card at businesses across the province in September 2021.

The majority of British Columbians are sharing glowing reviews after using the new BC Vaccine Card at businesses across the province. 

Effective Sept. 13, people must show proof of at least one dose of vaccination to gain entry to places such as restaurants with table service, large sporting events, gyms, and more. 

Since the BC Vaccine Card was announced on Sept. 7, more than 2.2 million people have obtained their cards.

While some people were turned away for not carrying proof of vaccination, most people who had it have reported a near-seamless process. 

Many people say they're using a photo gallery to access their vaccine card, while others have printed out a copy. Several people even lined up on Monday to have their cards laminated. 

Metro Vancouverites praise BC Vaccine Card program 

Although it was the first day, numerous people said they didn't encounter any issues using the digital card to gain entry to businesses across the Lower Mainland. 

One woman noted that she was asked for proof of vaccination at three different venues and could scan her QR code at each one. 

"It works!" she captioned. 

Many businesses prompted patrons to have their cards (digital or paper) ready for when they were needed. 

Some people are having some difficulties accessing their card in order to use it, however. 

The Province has allowed a grace period until Sept. 23 for people to get their official BC Vaccine Card. During this period, you may use the paper copy you received at a COVID-19 vaccination clinic as proof.

You can get either save a digital copy of your card to your mobile device or print a hard copy to present along with your government-issued photo identification when entering designated businesses and events.

Find some clever hacks on how to access the card on your smartphone when showing it is required for entry.

Have you used your BC Vaccine Card yet? Take our V.I.A. poll and let us know

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