What is a VPN and why is it necessary?

What is a VPN?

It’s an amazing and popular tool that helps protect your privacy on the Internet.

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And why is it necessary?

The following will explain why you should start using one, like the type PureVPN offers.

VPN is a network of servers spread out in different places. It allows clients to pass their online traffic through the VPN servers.

This can help you in many different ways, because when you connect to a VPN server, your original IP address changes and takes on the form of the server’s IP address.

But is it okay to call a VPN some form of glorified proxy service? The answer is easy.

A VPN goes beyond an ordinary proxy service, depending on which one you use. If you connect to a premium VPN service, such as PureVPN, you will be able to get a whole lot more when you browse on the web.

Premium VPN services come with unique features offering complete online security and privacy thanks to special encryption, securing you from all kinds of online threats.

Considered to be unbreakable, the encryption can’t be bypassed by hackers or cybercriminals. Even some of the biggest surveillance agencies, including the FBI and NSA, cannot break through.

Internet security has been a major issue over the past decade, and cyber security threats are on the rise.

Gone are the days when thieves used to loot banks or perform pick-pocketing to earn money. Modern thieves use advanced tactics, performing thefts from the comforts of their laptop.

Modern thieves know the art of hacking into people’s devices. They can scan for software loopholes to be exploited, and once hacked can steal any data they want. This data can then be used in various ways. In some cases, it’s used to blackmail victims. In others, it’s sold on to the dark web.

Most victims are those who use public Wi-Fi networks in hotels or coffee shops. Hackers are known to wait inside these places and hack the network so they can monitor whatever traffic passing through them.

Thankfully, a VPN service, such as PureVPN, can protect you.

Users can keep themselves safe from all kinds of online threats lurking online.

PureVPN is one of the most reliable VPN services around a fact acknowledged in reviews by top publications such as CNET and Trustpilot.

For more information how PureVPN can help protect you online, visit purevpn.com.

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