Rollator vs. walker vs. cane: Which is right for you?

Purchasing healthcare equipment can be confusing and, if you are buying for a loved one who is in need of special care, it can be a very personal and emotional experience. The knowledgeable staff at Advanced Medical Healthcare Equipment can provide you with all the information you need to find the right product. In general, mobility equipment or walking aids fall within the following categories:

·      Rollator (Walkers with four wheels): If you are worried about keeping your balance while walking outside or if you feel you need support to go longer distances, this is the ideal solution for you. Walkers provide maximum stability, and for older adults travelling outside of the home often, they’re a good option for those who tire easily. These come in different styles and seat heights, with carry bags for your belongings. The handles can be adjusted based on your height and reach.

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·      Walker with forearm trough supports: This walker puts the pressure on the user’s forearms and shoulders instead of their wrists, so it’s ideal for those who have arthritis in their hands or wrists, or those who have poor posture or balance.

·      2-wheeled walkers: Designed to be used in-doors for recovery periods, these are super light. A tray can be clamped on to carry your belongings. However, they don’t have brakes and a seat, so they shouldn’t be used outside.

·      Canes: These are the most basic aid for those beginning to experience mobility issues. Advanced Medical carries a good variety of canes with different grips, such as anatomical or ergonomic style versus round type. There are also quad (or four-point) canes versus single-point canes. Different cane tips can be used for different types of walking surfaces and terrain. You may want to consult with your occupational therapist/physiotherapist to see if this is the right product for you.

When deciding between different rollator styles, it’s important to consider the user’s hand strength and walking ability. Most walking aids are adjustable, but finding the right height range along with taking into account the user’s weight and lifting capability will provide the most fitting product. This is what Advanced Medical expert staff will assist you with. They’ll also take time to practice using the equipment with you to make sure your posture and gait (pattern of walking) are correct.

For more information, please visit or call 604-912-0106. Advanced Medical is located in the heart of West Vancouver at 1863 Marine Dr.

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