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As the owner of a restaurant that has been around for nearly two decades, Bhupinder Mroke is no stranger to the ways a business is run successfully. For the past 17 years at Palki Best Indian Cuisine, he has been there, done that, and is now showing everyone what it truly means to take care of a restaurant, its employees, and its diners.

Mroke’s Food Service Manager, Jeet Singh, says it's his boss’s simple, yet consistent, approach to customer service that sets Palki Best Indian Cuisine Restaurant apart from all else.

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“You could be the best at what you do and mistakes can still happen,” Singh said. “Bhupinder is the first to acknowledge that. He also says it’s about how you handle them – that is what matters.”

This philosophy percolates down to every level of the restaurant from the manager to the kitchen, ensuring delectable foods like its signature Butter Chicken, spiced Tandoori Chicken, and Paneer Naan, as well as outstanding service.

“There is nothing in the restaurant that escapes Bhupinder,” said Singh laughingly while talking about Bhupinder’s absolute dedication to his restaurant and to his diners. “He is very observant. He has developed a sixth sense when it comes to running his restaurant. Instinctively, he knows what is needed or missing on what table or in the kitchen.”

It is clear how Mroke’s strong and fair leadership standards influence the entire restaurant, not only in the quality of service but particularly in the quality of food. “By the way,” Singh pointed out, “did you know that he is a chef too?”

With gluten-free and vegetarian options and customizable spice levels for all dishes, there is something for everyone at Palki Best Indian Restaurant. Mouth-watering sauces, tender morsels of meat, stewed vegetables, fluffy and fragrant rice and soft Naan await you.

To find out more about Palki Best Indian Restaurant, visit, call 604-986-7555, or email You can also find Palki Restaurant North Vancouver on Facebook.

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