Putting the spotlight on electric and hybrid vehicles

Electric and hybrid vehicles have seen great improvement since 2008, when a renaissance in manufacturing started after an advancement in batteries. Since then, EVs have not only become more efficient, but also more sleek and affordable.

It’s generally accepted knowledge that electric and hybrid vehicles are better for the environment, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving urban air quality, but there are actually several additional reasons to consider making the switch.

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Owners of EVs and hybrid cars can enjoy lower running costs for their vehicle – some up to almost one-third the cost of a gas-powered vehicle. And while that may be common knowledge (especially with the price of gas in the Lower Mainland), did you know that full electric vehicles are also less expensive to maintain? Not only do they need less frequent maintenance, but EVs don’t require any of the upkeep associated with combustion engines. Plus, B.C. has incentives for those purchasing new electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

If environmental factors and costs are not enough, it might help you to know that in addition to offering high performance on the road, hybrids and EVs are usually quieter than other vehicles and may even help speed up your commute. That’s right – drivers of electric and hybrid cars can apply for access to HOV lanes in B.C., regardless of passenger number.

With so many benefits to making the change from gas-powered to hybrid or electric, you may be ready to go car shopping – but how to find the vehicle that will fit your lifestyle?

The North Shore News has curated a spotlight of car dealers conveniently located on the North Shore who can help you find your fit. Discover your new car with this Electric Vehicles Spotlight and enjoy all the benefits that accompany the switch from gas-powered.

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