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"For many of our clients we act as their Family Chief Financial Officer (CFO)," says John S. Clark, President and Founder of Pacific Spirit Investment Management. "And that's how we define ourselves; as the go-to financial adviser for our client families."

John and the professional team at Pacific Spirit have been offering comprehensive financial planning and wealth management advice for more than 20 years. His analogy of the family CFO refers to the value added services offered by Pacific Spirit.

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"While we specialize in portfolio management and creating family financial plans," John explains, "we will gladly help our clients with life’s other financial issues. For example, if a client is offered an opportunity to buy back years of pension service, we'll run the numbers and ascertain whether it makes good financial sense."

Pacific Spirit offers its services on a fee-only basis, rather than on a commission-based method.

"This is important because it means that our advice isn't tainted by any commission bias," John says. "We're not tempted to trade or purchase investments in order to generate income. In addition, it's completely transparent to the client; they receive both a fee schedule upfront and a quarterly statement showing exactly how their fees were calculated."

Pacific Spirit also believes that it's important to combine financial planning with portfolio management.

"Quite frankly," John notes, "we don't think you can effectively manage an investment portfolio without a plan in the background.  How do you know where you are going and how can you make decisions without a plan?"

Pacific Spirit is an independent portfolio management company.

"This means that we can tailor our services to suit each individual client. There's no parent company promoting product through our office. We're able to find the best investment solution for our clients, whether that's stocks, bonds, or insurance products."

For more information on Pacific Spirit Investment Management and to make an appointment, call 604.687.0123, check out the website at, email, or visit the offices at 1100-800 West Pender Street, Vancouver.

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