Marketplace: Your Guide to Lonsdale

The Lonsdale neighbourhood is experiencing exciting growth, with new attractions and services under development as well as an array of new boutiques, restaurant, cafes and personal care services setting up shop in the area.

If you’re a resident of Lonsdale, you might be curious about the new offerings available. You could experiment by trying them out for yourself but it’s always good to have a trusted source such as a friend or an expert columnist to point you in the right direction.

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The same goes for customers visiting the Lonsdale area from other parts of the Lower Mainland. If you’re making the trip with your friends or family you’re likely going to want some advice on which activities to do and which restaurants to visit that will make you feel as though you’re spending your valuable time and money in the best way possible.

That’s why The North Shore News has curated a Marketplace directory of quality services in the Lonsdale area. Whether you are looking for a tailor, a hair salon or a casual-chic restaurant where you can meet a friend for lunch, we have included an option here that is bound to suit your needs. 

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