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Not content to sit back and enjoy its success of the last 50 years, Whistler Blackcomb has taken a serious look at what the next 50 years might bring. In a series of documentaries called "The Big Picture," Whistler Blackcomb has tried to answer some big questions. Such as:

●      Is our thirst for adventure threatening the environment?

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●      What would happen if our kids stopped playing outside thanks to the plethora of available gidgets and gadgets?

●      What are our responsibilities when we push ourselves to go beyond the boundaries?

●      What does the future hold for ski and snowboard resorts?

"Our environmental mission is based on the goal of: zero waste, zero carbon, zero net emissions," explains Kevin Small Marketing Manager with Resort Reservations Whistler. "Since 2000, Whistler Blackcomb has reduced its waste by 70 percent. And we have a micro hydro renewable energy plant built with our partners B.C. Hydro and Innergex, which returns the equivalent of our annual demand to the grid."

As outlined on the website, Whistler Blackcomb have identified five key areas to track:

1.     Energy

The Resort monitors and measures its power consumption and works closely with B.C. Hydro, employees, guests and suppliers to reduce energy consumption wherever possible.

2.     Mountain ecosystems

Whistler Blackcomb has spent in excess of $1.5 million in its ongoing program for mountain remediation called Operation Green Up, aimed at identifying and protecting the natural habitat.

3.     Waste

The Resort strives for zero waste through responsible purchasing, innovative waste solutions and reuse and recycling.

4.     Environmental awards

Over the past 20 years, Whistler Blackcomb has received numerous awards as a Green Employer, in sustainable tourism, for excellence in habitat protection, and waste management.

5.     Mountain drinking water

The Resort's water is managed and monitored by experienced staff, and was awarded by the British Columbia Water and Waste Association for Excellence in the Water and Waste Water Community.

For more information on Resort Reservations Whistler and Whistler Blackcomb’s efforts to protect the environment, call 1.888.403.4727, visit the website, email, or better yet, drive up and see for yourself. Whistler Blackcomb can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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