Explore the vibrant dining experiences of the North Shore’s International Dining Stars

Summer is around the corner and between the warm sunlight filtering through city and the pop of colourful flowers on every corner, your eye may land on the iconic North Shore Mountains on the other side of the Burrard Inlet. For the hardened adventurer, the forest and trails might be calling to you; for those who prefer exploring in style, the diverse neighbourhoods nestled below those beautiful peaks could hold more of an appeal. But regardless which exploit draws your interest, you can be sure that there’s a new and exciting restaurant to experience there as well.

Do you want to refuel after a hike or just take a break from enjoying the view from the Seawall? Are you craving a hearty, mouth-watering curry or a selection of fresh tacos? Do you prefer an artisanal pasta plate or a vibrant Greek dish? The options are endless—there’s a delicious meal for everyone, whether you’re looking to elevate your dining experience or gather around a favourite comfort food. And the best place to find your new epicurean adventure is with the North Shore News’ International Dining Stars.

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You can relax with a signature favourite or explore a delectable new dish, tucked beneath those breath-taking mountains. Each restaurant on this list showcases authentic flavours, with diverse and inviting atmospheres that only enhance your meal. Their chefs take great pride in offering traditional recipes, bursting with fresh ingredients, for a unique culinary experience each time.

So make the most of your summer! A great meal is one of the best ways to start a new adventure or end an already memorable day. Check out these International Dining Stars recommendations to explore the diversity of options that the North Shore has to offer.

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