5 ways to look after your eyes

You only get one set of peepers, so you need to take good care of them. Licensed optician Faranak Da Costa of in-home optical company Speedy Specs explains five ways you can keep your eyes in top condition.


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1. Know your family history

Conditions like cataracts, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration can be genetic. If you have a family history of any of those, discuss it with your optician when you have an eye exam. It might mean you need more frequent eye tests or other monitoring.


2. Eat the right food

OK, carrots won’t help you see in the dark, but a diet rich in fruit and vegetables will help keep your eyes healthy. “Supplements such as lutein may also be beneficial for eye health,” says Da Costa.


3. Maintain a healthy weight

“Being overweight can increase your risk of Type 2 diabetes, which can then lead to vision loss, as well as a number of other health problems,” says Da Costa.


4. Wear protective eyewear in the sun

Sunglasses aren’t just a fashion accessory. They protect your eyes from UV rays, which can cause or exacerabate conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration. “Look for options that block 99 to 100 per cent of UVA and UVB radiation,” says Da Costa. “And remember: They’re not just for the summer – on cold, sunny days, you need them just as much.”


5. Have regular eye tests

Even if you think your eyes are in perfect health, you need to have them checked. Everyone should have eye tests every two to three years. Da Costa recommends comprehensive dilated eye exams every year after you turn 60, and younger if you have a high risk of some conditions (for example, you have a family history or come from certain ethnic groups). If you’re too busy to head to the optician, or you have mobility problems that prevent you leaving the house, contact Da Costa. Her new business, Speedy Specs, offers eye tests from your home, office or care home. She has a background in fashion which means she can help you choose the perfect frames, and your new specs will be delivered within a couple of weeks. 

Speedy Specs is now operating throughout the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. Services may be covered by your insurer and direct billing is available. To find out more, visit www.speedyspecs.ca, call 604-500-3815, email info@speedyspecs.ca or follow on Instagram, @speedyspecs.

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