5 reasons to see a licensed optician

Tempted to head online with your four- or five-year-old prescription? There are reasons experts recommend you have an eye test every two or three years. Licensed optician Faranak Da Costa of Speedy Specs explains why in-person appointments are always best. Bonus: She’ll come to your home or office, so it’s just as convenient as internet shopping.


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1. You get absolutely the right lenses

You may feel like your current glasses give you perfect vision, so why not use the same prescription for your new specs? “Our brains can get used to a slightly wrong prescription,” says Da Costa. “Even if it’s only a little off, it can lead to problems like eye strain, fatigue and headaches.”


2. You get up-to-date knowledge

All technology evolves quickly these days, and the optical world is no different. “Licensed opticians need to regularly update their education and stay on top of the latest advances,” says Da Costa. That means if you skip an eye exam, you could be missing out on new tests, or new materials for your frames, for example.


3. You might discover something about your health

Eye exams can uncover symptoms of conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, autoimmune diseases or thyroid problems. There are also eye disorders like glaucoma and cataracts.


4. You get personal service

Want to select specs to suit your face shape and skin tone? If you’re shopping online, you’re on your own. Using an optician means you get some guidance in choosing your frames. And if you’re consulting Da Costa, it’s next level: She’s a former fashion stylist and has worked on magazines like Elle UK and Fashion Canada, so she’ll know the exact right specs to suit your looks, taste and lifestyle.


5. It doesn’t have to be inconvenient

The big draw for online versus in-person is that with internet shopping, you can do everything from the comfort of your living room. That’s where Speedy Specs can go one better. Da Costa comes to your home or office to carry out an eye test and help you choose the perfect frames. These are then delivered to you within a couple of weeks.

Speedy Specs is now operating throughout the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. Services may be covered by your insurer and direct billing is available. To find out more, visit www.speedyspecs.ca, call 604-500-3815, email info@speedyspecs.ca or follow on Instagram, @speedyspecs.

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