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Opinion: Photo of weed plants in real estate listing is the most B.C. thing ever

We are known for our bud after all
Cannabis plants in a real estate listing, because why not?

If you read our recent story about a $250,000 real estate listing for an A-frame cabin in northern B.C., you may have found the Easter egg in it - a photo of some cannabis plants growing in the greenhouse on the 1.12-acre property.

Nestled among what look to be tomato plants are two very healthy-looking plants which appear to be in the vegetative phase, not yet producing that infamous B.C. bud that we're known for growing here.

The property is located in a rural area on Stuart Lake, outside the small town of Fort St. James. With not many other people living nearby, if there's anywhere that the neighbour kids are unlikely to steal your perfectly legal crop, it's here.

And if there's any province in Canada where weed might show up in a real estate listing, it's this one! Though this instance might be the first.