The family that skis together, sticks together

In celebration of B.C.'s upcoming Family Day holiday, we asked one North Shore family some questions about how they like to spend time together.

Brenda Ryujin and Dave Diebolt have two kids, Mika (10) and Kai (7), and live in North Vancouver.

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What are some things you like to do together as a family?

Ski in Whistler (every weekend), bike, hike, travel, eat and trail run in the summer. Mika also loves dance/soccer. Kai is a hockey player.

What is your favourite activity to do together?

Ski in the winter, bike/hike/trail run in the summer.

How do you find time to do things together?

After school and weekends are the best time to do the activities we love. We make it a priority.

How do you find activities that you all like to do?

Dave and I are both active and have tried to expose our kids to the sports we love (skiing, biking, running). We love the outdoors, so try and encourage our kids to embrace as much fresh air as possible.
Do you think it’s important to spend time together as a family?

Brenda: One of the reasons we love going to Whistler every weekend is because it’s a great family activity. We catch up on the drive up/down, and then can all participate in a sport that is fun. In the summer, we bring our bikes wherever we vacation. It’s a great way to explore and see the sights of a new town.

Dave: Spending time as a family is an essential ingredient to a loving household. We need to experience both the good and not so good moments as a family to truly know each other.

Do you have any tips for other parents about how to get together as a family?

Brenda: Keep it fun and get out no matter what the weather is like (even if it’s just for a short amount of time). We’ve gone for some pretty nasty hikes in the rain, but promised hot chocolate or treats to the kids when we got home.

Dave: Throw out the TV and invest in board games.

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