False report of active shooter prompts heavy police presence in North Van

Police were called out to a business along Marine Drive Friday late afternoon for what turned out to be a false report of an active shooter in the area.

North Vancouver RCMP cordoned off the block and stopped traffic at the intersection of Marine Drive and Lloyd Avenue around 4:45 p.m. yesterday after receiving the callout.

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After making contact with the business, attending officers quickly determined there was no threat to public safety, according to Sgt. Peter DeVries, North Vancouver RCMP spokesman.

“We went through our protocols when we deal with an active shooter situation. We made contact with the employees in the business and very quickly determined that the report was false,” said DeVries.

Traffic was halted in the area for approximately 30 minutes as officers conducted their initial sweep of the area, according to DeVries.

No arrests were made, though one person was temporarily detained on-site as police worked to determine it was in fact a false report.

In order to respect the privacy of the business, the name of the business where the false report was directed isn’t being released, said DeVries.

Police are still working to determine the identity and motive of the caller.

“We ultimately cleared that scene but the investigation is still ongoing as to the source of the call and the reasons for the call,” said DeVries. “It was not a clear-cut case of being able to immediately identify the caller. We’re taking investigational steps to get further information about that.”

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