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Map: This breathtaking B.C. campsite was ranked the #2 most epic in Canada

An interactive map shows pictures of the campsites as well as more information about each of them.
Scouts Canada has revealed the best campsites including Jasper National Park, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, and Algonquin Provincial Park.

They don't call it "beautiful British Columbia" for nothing. 

While many Metro Vancouverites fly south during the winter months to avoid the region's extended rainy season, many of them travel within the province during the summer. 

And, in the wake of tremendous congestion at airports across Canada and around the world, camping offers the safest option for travellers hoping to avoid holiday heartbreak. 

If you need some wanderlust inspiration to help you narrow down your recreation location, Scouts Canada has revealed the most "epic" campsites in the country based on a survey of its 46,704 members.

The survey also explored many "decision-making questions" that are critical to finding the best campsite for any level or type of adventure.

Top B.C. Camping spot on Canada-wide list

Jasper National Park landed at the top spot on the list, earning nearly 40 per cent of of the votes. It is the largest park in the Rocky Mountains and part of UNESCO's Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site.

Located on Vancouver Island, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve placed second, with 34.6 per cent of the scouting community voting for the oceanside oasis. The park includes Long Beach, which was recently included in a list of the 100 best beaches in the world. It is part of three sections of the park, between Ucluelet and Tofino, and spans a whopping 10 kilometres. 

Have a look at the top five epic destinations according to the Scouts' community. 

  1. Jasper National Park, Alberta – 39.5 per cent
  2. Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, British Columbia – 34.6 per cent 
  3. Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario – 32.9 per cent
  4. Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland and Labrador – 27.3 per cent
  5. Fundy National Park, New Brunswick – 22.5 per cent

Scouts Canada also used its "multi-generational knowledge of conventional and unconventional" camping spots to identify the top "hidden gem" campsites across Canada.

Campsite name Province Why is it a ‘Gem?’
Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park Alberta Straddles the milk river, nestled in hoodoos (incredible rock structures), rich history.
Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve British Columbia Lush rainforest islands, rich in Haida culture (learning opportunities) and wildlife sightings.
Spruce Woods Provincial Park Manitoba Sand dunes to explore where the Assiniboine River used to flow.
Pollett’s Cove Nova Scotia Challenging coastal hikes overlooking stellar bay views
Virginia Falls, Nahanni National Park Reserve Northern Territories Mind-blowing waterfalls in the remote wilderness
Bon Echo Provincial Park Ontario Paddle beneath soaring cliffs or hike through forest.
Grassland National Park Saskatchewan Experience the Badlands with expansive skies and endangered prairie wildlife

What makes a campsite a "dream spot? 

The scouting community said: 

  1. The views (panoramic, worthy of my screensaver) – 84.8%
  2. Proximity to water – 63.9%
  3. Activity options available (fishing/paddling/hiking/biking, etc) - 57.0%
  4. The wildlife (deer are cute) - 39.3%
  5. The absolute quiet (as remote as possible) - 39.3%
  6. The washrooms (flush … need I say more?) – 26.4%

When asked what their favourite way to camp is, over half of respondents (58.9%) said they preferred “a drive-in site," while 24.6 per cent of them prefer to access their campsites by paddling in, and 16.6 per cent of campers prefer to hike to their destination.