My Favourite Room: Inside Sparkle Media founder Erin Sousa’s stylish Vancouver condo

Erin Sousa has a keen eye for style. Every day she opens up her door, and her life, to thousands of Instagram followers who want to know what she’s wearing, trying and buying. The Sparkle Media founder saw the massive marketing potential of social media and has been instrumental in the evolution of popular local brands like loungewear company, Smash + Tess. And she does it all from her chic, stylish Vancouver condo.

“I believe in surrounding yourself with things you love to look at, and that is why everything in our living room brings me joy! I decorated it with creamy tones and lighter colours so the space feels really open and fresh. I think our coffee table makes the biggest statement. It is a handmade Moroccan style whitewashed wood table from L’Atelier Home Design. I love a round table, rather than a square shape, because it adds a little more softness.

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When I pick out décor pieces, I always ask my husband, Roberto, what he thinks. If he hesitates, I try to talk him into it and he usually gives in… that is why we have pink pillows! Since I started my company in 2013, I often work from home. I keep the space clutter free so I can get into the work zone without being distracted. My Instagram followers see our home, but they only get a little snapshot. I can style it up for a photo and in a flash, get it back to that ‘lived in’ feeling.”

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