Road Review: 2018 McLaren 570GT

If you’d like to raise a few eyebrows, cast your eyes across the pond to the carbon-fibre wizardry of a company whose founder perished in the relentless pursuit of speed.

This, if you can believe it, is their soft option. The McLaren 570GT has an interior draped in leather, suspension that’s less jarring than the track-oriented versions, and a glass rear hatch that sees total luggage capacity swell to a useful 340L. With a tan-on-charcoal colour combination befitting one of Aston-Martin’s grand tourers, it’s a genteel steed indeed.

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Yet beneath the fancy saddlework lurks all the same tarmac-shredding muscularity you get from McLaren’s other efforts. Step over the high sills of the carbon-fibre tub, prod the 562 hp, twin-turbo 3.8L V8 to life, and unleash a machine that has all the shy and retiring nature of an arrow in a crossbow.

Alternatively, as tested, you can strap in a booster seat, and your kid will fall asleep on the cruise up to Whistler, waking only to laugh in delight as you zip past a slow-moving RV. Then park, and return to find crowds admiring the McLaren's mix of demure paintwork and genuine pedigree.


No doubt about it, the 570GT is a ride to make ordinary days special.

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