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Thinking about installing a pool or hot tub, or replacing your current outdoor water features? Ed Trasolini, President of Trasolini Pools since 1985, and Dave Heron of Crystalview Pool Spa & Patio Vancouver, share the top trends in pool design.

1. Contemporary Hot Tubs. “For a long time the hot tub industry has been very non-descript,” says Dave. But that’s changing with designers thinking outside of the box and starting to decorate the exteriors of hot tubs with such things as LED lighting. Case in point: the J-585, J-575 or J-500. Available at Crystalview Pool Spa & Patio Vancouver,

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Jacuzzi 500-series tub

2. Automated Controls. This is where the customer can have everything from heating to lights to self-cleaning features run automatically off of their Smartphones, says Ed.

3. Coloured Cement and Coloured LED Lighting. Both of these features reflect colour into your pool water, creating a surprising and unique look. “You can even have a nice light show,” Ed adds.

4. Wet Edge Pools. While negative edge, or Infiniti pools, have been trendy for a while, Ed says wet edge pools, where the water level in the pool is the same level as your pool decking, are very popular. Wet edge pool designed and constructed by Trasolini Pools

Wet Edge Pools
Trasolini Wet Edge Pool

5. Solar Heated Pools. Ecological heating solutions, such as solar and geothermal energy are big these days. This negative edge pool with adjoining hot tub designed by Trasolini is solar heated. 

Trasolini Solar Heated Pool

6. Matching Yard Design With Hot Tub Design. “We work with a lot of designers who take the design features of the spa and incorporate them into the entire yard design,” says Dave. That means taking cues from the materials used on the tub like the colour of the spa surround and they’ll blend that in with their decking and work it into the landscaping, for example.” The Kingston and the Claremont hot tub models by Sundance, which were both designed with cues from a luxury yacht, can easily be incorporated into landscaping features in this way, says Dave.

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