OLDER AND WISER: Test your senior savvy with this quiz

Even though we are seniors, or seniors in training, or people who relate to seniors, sometimes there is a gap in our knowledge about this group.

Over the last few years I have written about many of seniors’ issues and concerns and I just wanted to see if you have been paying attention.

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Or perhaps this quiz is a ploy to get you to read or reread the columns. For the quiz you can refresh your memory or look for hints by reviewing my old columns at lionsviewseniorsplanning.com/older-and-wiser or look them up on the North Shore News website.

As a friend and senior Deanna said, “A quiz makes a person think about things they haven’t really thought about. It makes you knock around a few brain cells.”

So, get out your pencils and try this fun quiz:

1. There aren’t many resources available for just seniors on the North Shore. True or false?

2.  Robotic technology is useful in providing services for seniors care. True or false?

3.  Dental care for seniors isn’t as important as we age. True or false?

4. End-of-life planning isn’t that important. After all, our children can easily deal with the issues that come up. True or false?

5.  There are no seniors who have mental health issues. True or false?

6.  Everyone’s driving skills change over time but it is difficult to know when adjustments are needed, or when it is time to give up driving. True or false?

7. Getting a flu shot is not important. True or false?

8.  Only 22 per cent of people accessing health care are seniors. True or false?

9. Getting around on the North Shore is challenging as there are no helpful options available. True or false?

10. There are hardly any community based organizations that are helpful for seniors on the North Shore. True or false?

11. There are 850,000 seniors in B.C., which is 18 per cent of the population and it is projected to grow to 24 per cent by 2031. True or false?

12. Seniors are too old to get any real benefit from life-long learning . True or false?

13. More than one-million people provide unpaid care for adult family members and friends in British Columbia. True or false?

14. It’s recognized that immigrants bring a host of skills, talent, energy and economic value to our province. True or false?

15. Physical activity is not as necessary as we age. True or false?

16. More than a third of seniors living in a community in Canada are at nutritional risk. True or false?

17. There are no homeless seniors on the North Shore. True or false?

18. In Canada, seniors get free dental care with their government medical plans. True or false?

19. It is estimated that between 10 and 20 per cent of the population will contract the flu, but seniors over 65 are in one of the lowest risk categories. True or false?

20. Seniors are a drain on the economy and suck up health-care dollars. True or false?

21. A Statistics Canada report shows the number of seniors in debt aged 65 and over jumped by 40 per cent between 2012 and 2015. True or False?

 Answer key: Numbers  2, 6, 8, 11, 13, 14, 16 and 21 are all true, the rest are false.

Margaret Coates is the co-ordinator of Lionsview Seniors’ Planning Society. She has lived on the North Shore for 48 years and has worked for and with seniors for 20 of those years. Ideas for future columns are welcome. Lions_view@telus.net.


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