Local franchise opportunity available with M&M Food Market

Supplying customers with essential food easily, safely and conveniently is the number 1 priority of M&M Food Market.

Since its inception 40 years ago, M&M Food Market has been helping customers in communities across Canada put meals on their table. M&M is exceptionally proud of its M&M Food Market Heroes- franchise partners, managers and meal advisors who have stepped up to ensure their customers can get the essential food they need during a global pandemic. And with your local North Vancouver M&M Food Market location available for franchise, you can be part of this rewarding community effort.

Today’s consumer is looking for quick and easy meal solutions, and M&M Food Market makes the shopping experience just as fast, which was never more relevant than during the current health crisis. The M&M Food Market Click & Collect program is an alternative to shopping in-store for customers. More recently, M&M Food Market launched a national delivery program to two-thirds of stores across the country, which is now available in your community. In an ongoing effort to support valued customers, M&M has also launched a curbside pick-up initiative at all of its stores during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For prospective franchise partners, M&M Food Market offers a proven brand history, a complete turnkey franchise package, a cost-effective and straightforward owner/operator labour model, comprehensive training, and hands-on support from a dedicated team, including food, marketing, franchising, and store operations experts.

M&M Food Market is the only national food retailer in Canada whose entire product line-up has absolutely no artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners. This “Real Food Promise” resulted in a complete overhaul of the food portfolio, including redesigned packaging, more than 200 new products, and reformulated selections. M&M continues to review and adapt to address the needs of Canadians and continues to seek out ways to improve the nutritional profile of its products while rolling out new offerings. Its meal kits are ready in less than 20 minutes and offer full servings of protein and vegetables. These high-quality, innovative products can be assembled and personalized quickly and have become both staff and customer favourites.

M&M Food Market also offers a variety of options for dietary needs. The company has partnered with the Canadian Celiac Association to provide their certification on many gluten-free dishes, providing customers with options without sacrificing quality and taste.

Why not step up to our table and partner with M&M Food Market to be your community’s brand ambassador, while also controlling your destiny by owning your own business? 

For more information on the North Vancouver opportunity, visit mmfoodmarket.com.

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