Coach house builder helps families get the most out of their homes

As property values in Vancouver continue to soar, more and more homeowners are turning to laneway houses to accomodate intergenerational living, allowing older family members to age in place and to provide rental revenue.

For over 20 years, PD Moore Homes’ award-winning team has provided its customers with the boutique custom laneway or coach home of their dreams.

“At our heart, PD Moore Homes is a family business,” says project coordinator Jordan Binotto.

“We build homes for families. We look at different ways to use lots in Vancouver, North Van, and New Westminster, to their fullest. We help families maximize their investment in their properties and fulfil their home dreams.”

A laneway house, also known as a coach or carriage or infill house, is a detached secondary building that is built on pre-existing lots, usually in the backyard and opening onto the back lane.

Laneway houses are popping up in Vancouver, the North Shore, and New Westminster at a record rate as the municipalities aim to increase affordable and  sustainable housing options, while retaining the single-family feel of their neighbourhoods. The program is so popular that the City of Burnaby is also thinking about allowing laneway houses.

A coach house can be anywhere from a modest 600 square feet, up to 1,100 square feet. The average size is usually around 1,000 square feet.

“You can comfortably get two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a den with a significant amount of living space in a coach house,” Binotto says.

Moore Homes was founded by principal Perdip Moore, whose father was a residential builder in the 1980s and 1990s. After his father’s retirement, Moore established his own company.

“I’ve always had a passion for building and real estate,” Moore says.

“I love that you can take one property and turn it into two, or even turn it into a new home. Helping families with their goals is something that drives us at PD Moore Homes.”

PD Moore Homes works with many multi-generational family clients to build coach houses.

“They’ve found that their kids just can’t afford to buy anything in Vancouver so families say, look, we have this piece of property, let’s put something in there,” Binotto says.

Coach houses are becoming the new starter homes, as young couples and families move into spacious and affordable options near families.

They’re also becoming an increasingly desirable option for those looking to age in place, especially as people start to rethink long-term care in the wake of COVID-19.

“Maybe our clients can no longer manage their large homes but they don’t want to leave their community or go to a long-term care home,” Binotto says.

“Laneway homes are becoming a real viable option to provide secluded and comfortable care near family. We can put in walk-in showers, chair lifts, and accommodations for medical equipment in the event that they require stepped up care down the road.”

Coach houses can also be a financial boon, creating a rental property at an affordable price.

“From a cost standpoint, we can build a laneway house for half the price it would cost to buy a condo. And then you don’t have strata fees, maintenance fees, or any of those extra costs associated with condo living,” Moore says.

“We’re definitely seen an increase in inquiries post-COVID-19, from people who realize that they would prefer to be in a more separated, residential setting than a large condo building.”

As remote work continues, more and more people have turned to coach houses as an option for home office space.

PD Moore Homes’ experience and expertise is the key to functional and inviting spaces. “A lot of builders see the opportunity in the market and are building laneway houses by just shrinking down a basic home plan, it’s about building truly functional and beautiful custom homes” Binotto says.

For those curious about what a laneway home feels like inside, PD Moore Homes has built a life-size model show suite inside their offices. Its website also offers a digital tour, so potential customers can see for themselves.

“We really want people to see how our spaces flow organically and feel comfortable,” Binotto says.

To learn more about PD Moore’s boutique custom homes, duplexes and laneway houses, visit the company online at

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