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Counting fish in Britannia Creek (VIDEO)

Squamish ​conservationist monitors fish with his underwater camera.

Squamish conservationist John Buchanan takes us under the water at Britannia Creek. 

"The interesting thing about this creek is that it was so polluted at one time not even microbes could survive, let alone fish," Buchanan told The Chief. With water treatment and other improvements, marine life has returned. 

Buchanan conducts fish surveys in the creek. 

On Aug. 27, he saw only one resident trout, but on Sept. 9 he saw 64 pink salmon.  

"Salmon evenly spread out along the creek," he said.  "Saw two that managed to get past the first falls. Entering into the canyon area, I interrupted a very large sea otter making a meal of pink salmon. Came across five salmon that had been preyed upon, most likely by this big fat giant sea otter."