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Bowen Island's March 2021 RCMP statistics: 50 calls for service

There were 50 calls for service in March of 2021
Bowen Island RCMP detachment. (Photo: file)

The Bowen Island RCMP responded to 50 calls for service in March of 2021:

  • 1 of those files was a helicopter crash;
  • 10 of those files were related to traffic complaints or enforcement;
  • 2 of those files were drivers licence suspensions for impaired driving;
  • 3 of those files were requests to check a persons well being;
  • 3 of those files were reports of a telephone fraud.

I was checking on the road widening on Grafton Road just outside of the Cove this morning and I noticed how busy it was with parents bringing their children to school and commuters heading for the ferry line. While the construction is underway I would like to remind drivers that Section 141 of the BC Motor Vehicle Act requires them to follow the directions of a traffic control person, and failing to do so could result in a $196 fine and three demerit points.

Please be polite while following the direction of the flaggers and courteous to other drivers so that everyone makes it to their destination safely. Your patience is appreciate during this period of increased congestion.