North Van author seeking love letters for new book

Me-An Laceste looking for unpublished material to include in project

North Vancouver writer Me-An laceste, author of the poetry book, Feeling Blue? JUMP!, is in the middle of writing her second book, Feeling Orange? SQUEEZE!, when her thoughts shifted to a third, Feeling Pink? LOVE!

The content in her new book includes poetry, love notes, love letter and short stories.

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As part of her new project she is looking for love letter submissions from the public to include in her book:

“I remembered those love letters written to me, over 25 years ago, that fortunately were saved and will be now a fitting part of the Feeling Pink? LOVE! book. Some of the love letters are written by me. I thought that perhaps if people are willing to share theirs that I can include some more in this book. The idea being, the art of writing love letters, is a dying art and it is a shame as it is so beautiful. It brings out emotions that are wonderful and joyful.

“Feeling Pink? Love! is supposed to be the third book I had lined up to work on, but in the course of writing for the second, the composition suddenly has shifted to a “love” theme. Upon realizing that, I dropped my pen and paper and excitedly ran downstairs and into the storage area, quietly praying that the letters would still be there. The anticipation was akin to looking forward to eating your favourite chocolate or dessert after being on a diet devoid of sugar.

I finally found them, after fumbling through boxes impatiently, and immediately brought them to my chest. With the love letters in hand, I went back to my room, spread them on the bed, and picked one to read. I took a deep breath and prepared myself, smiling from ear to ear.

It was as if I stepped into a Time Machine that transported me to the moment, over 25 years ago, when I received and first read each letter. It was a journey to a place just above the clouds where I floated and blushed like a teenage girl all giggly and tingly.

I felt so loved right there sitting on my bed, hugging my pillow so tightly. I felt so in love, with no one in particular. Reading these eloquent poetic expressions of admiration and bold declarations of love brought out magical feelings, captivating but free-flowing, dreamy but awake.

The courage and chivalry of the writer were admirable. It is not comfortable taking risks, exposing vulnerability and truly putting yourself out to someone who might, or might not, have the same feelings. Not to mention the time and effort in painstakingly crafting a love letter befitting the recipient, the object of unrequited affection.

Engulfed in dizzying happiness, I was all smiles, all day, for several days. That was the enchanting effect of the love letters on me that made me think that perhaps others have experienced the same. Won’t it be good to spread and share these beautiful emotions and affect the readers’ state of consciousness with joy?

If you have any unpublished love letters given to you or written by you that you would like to share, please email me at

Let us keep this art alive!”

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