Maryze - “Dis-Moi” (Track of the Day)

Electro-pop R&B musician Maryze, born and raised in Deep Cove and now based in Montréal, releases her debut five-track EP today, Like Moons.

The recording includes the first song the bilingual musician has released en français  “Dis-Moi.” She told NSN the song “is about really wanting to share everything you're going through, but worrying it might be too much, too heavy, for your loved ones. Ulysses, who produced the track, is an amazing B.C. artist. We met playing music in Victoria years ago and it's been really interesting to watch his sound grow and become more experimental. He heard a demo of "Dis-Moi" while spending time in Montreal last summer and wanted to build a proper track around it. I was impressed to see him create music that retained, and even amplified, the intended emotion behind the song, even though he couldn't really understand the lyrics.”

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Like Moons track listing:

1. Soft 3:57 (Maryze, Jordan Esau)           

2. B.O.Y. 3:57 (Maryze, BrotherNature  

3.  Their Hearts 3:37 (Maryze, Solomon K-I)

4.  Dis-Moi 4:24 (Maryze, Ulysses)

5.  Special 2:55 (Maryze, Solomon K-I)

The EP is available on various platforms at:

Maryze performs at Static Jupiter (25 East 6th Ave., Vancouver) in Vancouver on May 24 with another former Vancouverite Janette King.

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