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Latest school exposures in Richmond

Dr. Bonnie Henry has said there's been limited transmission of COVID-19 in B.C. schools
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More schools in Richmond have been flagged for COVID-19 exposures.

There have been COVID-19 exposures at more Richmond schools.

According to Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH), exposures occurred at MacNeill secondary on April 12, and at McMath secondary on April 6 to 9 and April 12 to 13.

There was also an exposure at McNair on April 6 to 9.

The health authority says an exposure occurs when an individual with COVID-19 was in the school during their infectious period.

School district superintendent Scott Robinson said last week that there have been no known transmissions of the virus in Richmond schools since September.

Meanwhile, Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry said on Thursday that there has been limited transmission of the virus in B.C. schools.

Studies conducted by VCH and Fraser Health found that, of the 2,049 cases identified among school staff and students last year, only 267 cases were “likely” acquired in a school itself and when transmission did occur in schools, it would typically lead to just one other case.

“Student and staff cases follow the trends in the community, but when they’re in the structured school environment, the rates of transmission are much less,” said Henry.

“Most of the cases in the school setting were acquired outside of the school and there was little transmission within the school itself.”

Other recent school exposures in Richmond include: Hamilton elementary (April 6 to 8), Burnett secondary (April 6), McNeely elementary (April 6) and Homma elementary (April 6 to 7). 

According to the B.C. School COVID Tracker, there have been 5,211 school exposures in 1,171 schools across the province as of Friday. Of those exposures, 75 have been variants of concern.